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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Looking from it from the perspective of those who have grown, and have a history of democracy and Constitutional Monarchies, the events on Africa take on an interesting aspect. For years the Western lifestyle has been vilified by those who lead, and swallowed whole by their various populations. But since the event of the Internet, with it's quality of instant communication, those populations have apparently become exceedingly unhappy by what they now see as 'oppressive regimes'.. what was normal, is now obviously abnormal.. and the movements began.
Yet we are also seeing, in Gold Coast particularly, what can happen when a leader is outsted by popular demand and with public accord, the military has assumed control, with promises of open elections in the near future. In Gold Coast today, the crowds are now demonstrating against the 'caretaker' government, still demanding the same concessions they originally took to the streets for.
In all of these liberated countries, their respective armies are in control, and it is moot whether democracy is close at hand.
As for Libya, Gaddafi will certainly hold on to the reins as long as possible, and will then look for a safe haven to spend the rest of his life. Although Switzerland and the US have frozen his personal assets, it is a certainty he has millions upon millions salted away, in perhaps offshore accounts. These have not been touched..
Then again, the man may well be that megalomaniacal, that he would prefer to die as a martyr.. again, to what cause is unclear.
Can't be for Islam, for he has blamed Al Q'aida for fomenting this insurrection..
Curious man, that Mohammar..

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