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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A point to ponder..
Here, the Social Welfare system has an application of 'housing benefit' which allows those on the dole can stay in their rented accomodation without reducing their disposable income..This benefit is about to be capped, at £400 per week, causing some concern for landlords..
'£400 a week ?!' you say. Incredible..
Yet there's more to the system here. When you're chucked out of your home at 16, a common occurance over here, the system starts you on a treadmill. You start be being sent to bed-and-breakfasts 'til there's room for you at a half-way house. These accomodations can cost £20 to £25 a night. Then you are sent to the half-way house, where you will be paying upwards of £380 a week.. Once you have a Council House, unless you are on full benefits, you'll pay some £56, a week..a fair whack for those single folks, who bring in a total of £78 per week..
While appearing to be perhaps overly generous, in some cases this cap is going to be quite a hardship..
Perhaps it's time for the landlords, who've been raking in these fees, to cut their profit margin, thereby doing their own part in the recovery..
Yes. And that's going to happen.

Egyptian protests have taken a turn.. the pro-mubarak faction was out in numbers today, clashing in some locations with their counterparts..
The army has asked that people go home..start normal life again.
They have already achieved several concessions, the primary being a statement from Hosni assuring that he will not run again in September..
Mind you, this is the third time he's made that promise..

The largest cyclone on record has hit the northeastern areas of Australia.. There are some saying that in comparison to Katrina, this one has the capability of being even more damaging.
Considering the extremes we've seen worldwide weather of late.. record snowfalls in Britain and the Continent.. blizzards sweeping the American midwest.. drought in Africa..
It's apparently won't be long before, as in the late 17th and 18th Century, be roasting oxen on the ice covered Thames..

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