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Thursday, February 03, 2011

A somewhat disturbing trend developing in this country..
Some patients are simply too obese to fit in the normal size ambulances, so the NHS is planning to buy a fleet of what they call 'bariatric' vehicles to accomodate the growing number of overweight patients.
These bariatric ambulances cost £90 thousand apiece.. Might be cheaper to subsidise liposuction to all those who need it..

The appearance of government supporters has turned Egypts protests into something violent..
What were peacefull mass demonstrations has turned ugly, with the introduction of firearms..three are reported dead already, and more than 600 injured..
This would apparently show the lengths Hosni will go to, to retain power..Speculation is that thugs have been imported to brew trouble..
As mentioned earlier, he has promised to step down in September, but has made the same pledge three times before. These latest deveopments indicate the schism developing in that country between the young and the old, and as Mubarak orders more and more government workers, afraid of losing their jobs in a transition, the suggestion is that this will not be an orderly handover of power, but a running battle to oust the autocracy..
Shame, for the initial movement was a template for orderly protests, but again, the voice of the people has been drowned out by gunfire, and the promise of further confrontation to come..

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