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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It was 41 years ago that Colonel Gaddafi seized power in Libya, and it appears that his time may soon be up.. Not that the man's going to slip gracefully into the glim though.. at last count there have been 300 killed in protests against his regime.
Makes one wonder what the count will be, when the movement hits Iraq and Iran.. and what if it spreads to the lynch pin in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia...
But there's a certainty here, that the cost of oil is going up, again.. in fact there are those who say $150 for Brent Crude, and gods know how much for Saudi Sweet.. that country has already increased output..
Yet the question remains, how long will Mohammar hold out in Libya.. It has the largest deposits of oil and gas in the area, and while they only supply about 12% of exported oil from the area, that must be seen as a significant amount.. And while the UN, Britain, the US, have all vociferously condemned the violence.. there appears to be a spilt, right down the middle of the country..
The East, with Bengazi as it's centre, has seen military commanders destroying their own airfields, to stop Mohammar from landing mercenaries.. There, the army seems to be in accord with the people. But in the West, while there are still demonstrations with thousands of Libyans taking part, they are the ones being killed..
Mohammar came on State television this evening, and vowed he would never leave his 'sacred homeland', and added that he would prefer to die a martyr..
To what cause though, other than his own..
It is amazing how these relics of a bygone age cling to power, absolute power.. The Middle East finally seems ready to join the 21st century, and while countries might burn and people die, the citizens have voiced their discontent, and have the weight of numbers..
More later...

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