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Thursday, February 10, 2011

An interesting debate in the Commons this afternoon, as to whether the European Courts have the right to demand legislative changes in the member countries..
Shadow Secretary of State George Osborne perhaps put it well in saying "If you break the Law, you can't make the Law.
That has always been one of the foundations of British Jurisprudence, that while prisoners do have the right to humane treatment while incarcerated, they lose the rights of law-abiding citizens, one of which is the franchise.
But perhaps the salient point, is how far are we as a nation going to be influenced by a foreign Court.. will Parliament itself be subject to the Hague..
Speaking as one who would prefer a return to the old Free Trade Agreement and a stepping away from the Eurozone, It is deplorable that we should abrogate, effectively, the right to govern ourselves..

It may be that we'll see Hosni retire today or tomorrow.. Reports are that he's about at the end of his rope, with the Egyptian Security Supreme Council announcing to the protestors that they have the army's support, and it appears Hosni's going, perhaps today.. Even the Director of the CIA agrees that today might be the day..although what part the CIA is playing in this drama is as yet, uncertain. We'll have to wait for Wikileaks to tell us..
Interesting as well is a phone conversation between Barack and high Egyptian politicians, again urging an 'orderly transition'..
But Hosni, through his media spokespeople, has said this all is so much bumph..
We'll see.. tomorrow's meant to be the largest demonstration yet, and if all goes well, it could be a gigantic party..

The Bank of England has held interest rates at 0.5%, and indicates there'll be no quantative easing for the time being..
Yet, small businesses are still paying some 14.5% interest on loans.. with many deciding to shut down for the time being until the economic situation in general improves.. One hopes they're a patient lot..
The head of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, indicated that this was a surprise decrease in GDP of 0.5%, coupled with a 3.5% increase in the Consumer Price Index..
Food, gasoline, heating oil, the basics on this island, have gone up exponentially over the past few months, and Mervyn says inflation could perhaps reach 4.5% to 5% next month.. bad news for those among us on fixed incomes..

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