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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Egypt appears to be the main topic of news reports these days..
With hundreds of thousands of Egyptians taking to the street in four major cities, it cannot be long before Hosni gives up the ghost and resigns.. But what happens afterwards is the major concern to the West. As Henry Kissenger, in an interview said, 'We don't truely know what the Egyptian people mean by 'democracy' and if there is a swing towards the Muslim Government in Septembers general elecions, Israel may well find itself facing new threats, something the US will not look kindly upon.
This spirit of insurrection has spread over these past few weeks from Gold Coast to now, Egypt, and the next regeme likely to be attacked is Jordan..
And what that will mean for the price of oil, we can only expect our household costs to rise, and rise again.
Even more ammunition for those lobbying for drilling in the arctic, and fuller fevelopment of the Gulf of Mexico. Alberta's shale deposits, dispite the extra costs involved in extraction, could once again be important..
We're in an interesting time these days..

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