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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rather strange that Barack himself came out to preach the gospel of peaceful transition in the case of Egypt.. that it's Hillary who has this time stated firm support for the protestors in Iran..'firm support'..
Even our own Foreign Secretary, William Hague, has stated baldly that there should be no harm done to peacefull Iranian protestors..
Now this is not the first time this has happened.. a while back in December 2009, thousands marched through Tehran demanding better wages..lower prices.. They were met with a police presence that utterly shattered the protest..
This time though, it's not prices or wages the crowd's demanding, it's a change in government, a fundimental change from a theocracy to democracy.. Komeini and Akmadenejad will not allow that, and this time the security forces are not with the crowd.. they appear to be in government hands.. and will not deal kindly with those on the street chanting 'down with the regeme..'.

But the phenomina we're watching in Africa and the Middle East, is something Western leaders have had on their wish lists for decades.. Their only concern is the possibility Arab Fundamentalist Brothers will have sway.. thus allowing Hammas a voice in any Parliament..
It has yet to be seen how far these popular movements will spread.. there's marches in Bahrain..Algeria..Yemen.. all asking for a voice in their government, or at least an honest group leading the country..
In all the cases in which governments have fallen the military took, and is keeping control, for the time being.. They have dissolved Parliaments, and suspended Constitutions..
We'll see how quickly those in control set wheels in motion which would roll on general elections and revamped Constitutions..
Something to watch.. and the show's not over..

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