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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Home grown terrorists appears to be the focus of the American Homeland Security people.. Janet Napolitano, who's the head of that agency, says more and more terrorist scenarios are from within, and they're monitoring the internet closely..
That gives one a certain feeling, perhaps not a comfortable one at that, knowing Big Brother exists, and is fully active.
What's happened to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave..?
Bad enough the knee jerk reaction in the 2d world war when they gathered up all those of Japanese extraction and interred them, flagrantly flouting the Constitution.. What they are doing now is immesurably worse, for it's all of us under the microscope not..
All in the name of 'security'.. to save us all..
Jesus wept..

Seems the US is willing to throw some weight behind it's 'suggestions' to Hosni to make a quick gettaway.. Joe Biden has asked for an immediate end to the manner in which Egyptian forces deal with protestors, with Egyptian Foreign Minister Abdul Abould Gheit firing back with 'sovereign rights' and reiterating Hosni's promise not to run again in September..
Although what that man hopes to accomplish by spending the next seven months in power is an utter mystery, unless it a plan to destroy in Egyptian economy entirely..
We need the Suez clear, and without threat. Our oil supplies depend on it. We need to see the Egyptian public assuming a regular lifestyle again, preferably with a government that represents them..
Interesting that the Muslim Brotherhood has been included in talks to re-stabalize the situation, for it's the Islamic threat that has Israel most concerned..
From Tunisia, or actually from the Gold Coast, revolutions have tossed incumbent politicians out.. Now we wait to see what 'reforms' are brought into effect.. whether the tribalism of that continent can be overcome..

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