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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Egypt continues to dominate reports.. The battle for Tahrir Square in the centre of Cairo has turned worryingly violent, as those dubbed 'pro-Mubarak thugs' have introduced firearms to the equation.. 10 dead and more than 900 injured today..
This is a development that's costing the country billions of dollars.. The tourism industry is in tatters.. oil production has slowed.. the cotton industry has virtually come to a stop, with exports falling drastically..
Interestingly, while the Internet and mobile phone networks had been shut down during the peacefull demonstrations, are now back up, coinciding with the appearance of the pro-Mubarak movement. That, in itself, is to allow the 'pro' faction to release their own video's and messages. Another development is the growing inability of the army.. there are far too few deployed and those on the ground appear to be less and less effective
Somewhat dicey, that..

Yemen may well be the next to revolt.. Today was meant to be a 'Day of Rage', but while tens of thousands turned up to demonstrate..quietly.
However, it's early days..

A disturbing report released today, indicationg that fully a third of students attending British University are under qualified.. It may well be a fee issue, for there are many students here that come from abroad, where qualification levels could well be less than those demanded here. A British education used to mean the graduate had an excellent quality and well equipt to take on senior positions. This has changed to some degree over the past couple of decades, but figures the like of these will de-value our credibility even more.
Shame, that..

More later..

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