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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

We appear to be witnessing another successful African coup.. Hosni hasn't much time left before he's removed. One would hope the mood on the street is one Egyptians embrace, that of a universal franchise and imediate elections.
Mohammad el Baradi would appear to be the front runner, and his leaning has always been towards a pro-West stance..
But Barack has also thrown the weight on the issue, having told Hosni it's time to take a powder.. calling for an orderly change in government, now..
And the trillion dollars p.a. the US gives Egypt may be on the line gives that man a stick to wave..
Interesting, the role of the military in this effort.. by announcing it would not use force against their own people it has prompted an amazingly orderly series of massive protests.
Any day now...
Although there is another point of view. The older generation seems for the most part, to be content with Hosnis word that he'll step down in September..and if these protests continue, they may well find their ranks dwindling as some return to work and get on with business. There's undoubtedly a hard core who will continue with their demonstrations, but there is the possibility this may come to nought, as far as an immediate end to Hosni's 30 year rule..

To watch the transition in North Africa is somewhat like watching a wave of mainly the young demanding an end to the inculcated attitudes of their parents.. It's a wave generated by this electronic medium, this internet.
It's beyond comprehension, the effect this medium has had on this movement.
Goes to show, that instant communication of information has an impact..

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