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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It would seem that Japan's position of the third largest economy may well be under threat.. Japanese banks have injected more than 200 billion dollars into international banks to ensure loans can still be made without hindrance, but one must ask what will happen when the cost of the earthquakes and tsunami's finally has to be paid.
Conservative figures estimate more than 200 billion alone, to bring the country back to anywhere near what it was.. Workers, normally at their jobs, are either missing, dead, or searching for relatives..
The workers at the Fukujima nuclear plant have been evacuated because of radiation fears, and white smoke or steam can now be seen rising from the reactor. Now, they are using what might be called ad hoc methods, such as pumping sea water into the core as well as fresh.. would seem to indicate all measures are being taken to avert a meltdown..
But, this does not bode well, with comparisons being made with Three Mile Island, and worst, with Chernobyl..

And with Libya, Britain and France have tabled a draft resolution, demanding a no fly zone over the country.. but this dispite possible opposition from China.. the vote must be unanimous..
In the meanwhile, the rebel forces are continuously pushed back.Without international support this rebellion may well be finished..
Seems diplomatic reservations may well put Mohammar back in power again, and if that happens, may the gods help those who tried to change the system..

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