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Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's our turn today.. The TUC has announced a turnout of near 100 thousand protesters to crowd the center of London.. Scotland Yard says they'll have 45 thousand police watching.. Now, the Trades Union Congress have insisted this is going to be peaceful, and all precautions will be taken to keep troublemakers away, and the TUC itself says it will have a thousand stewards on patrol, but this is going to possibly the largest union protest in literally decades, and union gatherings have a history of 'enthusiastic' marchers, taking the Law into their own hands..
The purpose is to tell the government the proposed draconian cuts, are simply too much too fast..too many workers will find themselves on the dole with a recovery still uncertain..
It's moot what effect this action is going to have on Parliament, and the plans to reduce our debt load, but it's a certainty many are travelling to London today, to have their feelings known.. MP's have also said that's it's credible and right to come and protest budget plans, but it would be better for Union leaders to offer a 'credible plan' to bring down the deficit.. So far, the Union has simply offered a Keynsian solution.. spend that which we don't have, to maintain minimum payments on the interest we're paying on the debt..
Not an option says the government.
Something to keep an eye on..

However, this addition being made at just past 11PM.. this whole movement is not what the TUC had in mind when they planned this march.. There were factions, some carrying 'red and black flags', which split off from the main march, and began what's turned into utter chaos in downtown London. There are some 300 people being contained by the police, those who perpetrated the violence against shops and police themselves, near Charing Cross Station..
While the police are saying those who are still in evidence near Trafalgar Square came from the Picadilly area, and not protestors, but are criminals..Equally, a spokeswoman for the protestors is saying that's just Police spin, that this is what they claim in any protest of this size..
This is not the development the TUC wanted at all, saying this confrontation only detracts from their initial purpose..
Too right..

While those working on the Fukajima nuclear plant are not sure where the contamination is coming from, it's been noted idodine radiation levels are some 1250 times higher in the sea around the plant than they should be..
Could it possibly be a crack in the plenum, the cooling container itself, allowing runoff to go back to the waters just offshore..?
While this is a problem we've watched since the earthquake and tsunami for a couple of weks now, it's not to be assumed that the situation is under control. There is still the chance of a meltdown, and further problems for those on that island..

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