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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Of exceeding interest is the announcement of a new Christian Text found in Jordan, and smuggled into Israel some 4 or 5 years ago..
Now in the hands of the British Museum, this text is being touted as 'the greatest Christian archeology find, ever..', dating back some 1800 to 2 thousand years.
This is thought to be the work of the 'Jerusalem Church', the first of any of the many Christian denominations, and while still in the early stages of translation, could give a more accurate position Christ himself on his divinity, and his message to his followers.
Odds are, it will be allocated to join the Apocrypha..

Rising levels of radiation from the Fukujima nuclear plant have hit the west coast of the US, with fishermen from Washington State through California wondering if their catches will be safe to eat.. Begs the question, will there be court action taken against the Japanese government for loss of revenue in all affected areas..

More than 35 representatives from various governments and organisations are meeting this afternoon in London... all these people to decide the fate of Mohammar..
Perhaps primary among the discussions, is whether the west has the mandate to actually arm the rebels, a practice no doubt going on in an unofficial manner for some time now..
But the reports are stressing the main concern is, what will happen to Libya after Gaddafi's gone.. Representatives of the 'Freedom Fighters' are in attendance, as well as those still supporting the current regime..
If there is any clear consensus from this meeting, it will be loose and indecisive, with no country willing to commit themselves to any concrete action at this time.
This is perhaps going to be a longstanding problem..

And something to take from 'The Lancet' today..
A new study they've completed indicates that the death rate among teens and those in their early 20's, have overtaken that of younger children..
Violence, road accidents, drug and alcohol use, and suicides, have all contributed to this reversal in figures..
While our teen years used to be the healthiest of our lives, it seems societal changes have made the teen years the hardest to get through..
More than 50 countries were among those taken into account in this poll..

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