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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Tuesday, 17 August 2004

Working hours, for a writer. The concept boggles the mind, tell the truth.
As though someone involved in the creative act so intimately, that they pour the visions within their minds upon paper, so to speak, and they do it to the sound of a whistle, the tick of a time clock, the measured beat of a metronome.
Ah, would it were so easy, to regulate the creative juices as though with a tap, using only that which one wishes to expend within a certain time limit, while storing the rest in a mental reservoir, ‘til the next appointed hour.
Yet one must not bemoan one’s fate, for it is what one makes of what one is capable. Thanks must be given that any form of expression is possible, despite the times the well appears to dry.
Indeed, there are those who have no well, no fountainhead, no means to express, articulate, exorcise, and they are those perhaps who should be attended to. They are those who should be subject to studies, tests, measurement and census, for they are those who might count themselves the majority.
Vicarious life, or lives, through mass communication, and continuous improvement on the virtual reality of gaming, are among the tools we’re using to forge a worldwide society, linked by apathy.
Regardless, if this story is to be told, it will not be by a schedule, nor written solely in the authors favourite brand of pencil on foolscap in longhand, nor while sitting on one’s childhood stool by the light of a bedside lamp using an Underwood typewriter..
It will spurt in irregular pulses, as life’s blood from a severed artery, and bulge from the main body occasionally, as intestines from a gaping belly wound. It will spurt upon the reader, as pus from the lancing of a long-festering wound.
Few lives are what might be called pleasant; fewer still those which might be happy. Life is for most, a series of events, seemingly unconnected, which lead from one catastrophe to another. For most, stress is so ubiquitous, it has become the norm, and we exist from one crisis to the next.
It might even be uncomfortable to be between agitations, for there is always the knowledge this well-being cannot last.

Thursday, 3d March 2011

We seem to have proven our point with the events of the past seven years. It’s as though the Four Horsemen have been set loose, with Famine, Pestilence, and War
worldwide. Even in the most prosperous nations, there are the starving; even in the most prosperous of nations there are those going untreated for debilitating diseases; especially the most prosperous nations are undergoing Civil Wars. The rider on the Pale Horse, is everywhere.
We have built a world which revolves around economics, and it is failing. The common greed of even those overthrowing oppressive regimes are doing so to gain what they see as a piece of the pie..
Man has lost, for the most part with the exception of Zealots, lost a moral and spiritual direction. People are far too busy earning, to take the time for introspection.
The debts of the various countries of this world are beyond calculation, and will prove impossible to repay given any time frame, and interest payments of IMF loans will continue to stifle any real improvements for the common man, and at those point, this system is heading for a grand fall..
Morality seems to be the main victim in this change, for it’s no longer possible to fail. The entire house of cards rests on the strongest economy holding the weakest afloat. This is not a moral action, but obfuscation and deceit on the part of those who have led us to this point. Too long we have been inculcated with material possessions we truly cannot afford. Too long have we given in to the base compulsion to mortgage ourselves for unnecessary luxuries.
Now, we find ourselves in a situation wherein any government we elect will, of necessity, cut back on things we considered ‘rights’.. And the unfortunate outcome of that, will be a constant change in leadership, each facing the same problems, none of which will they have a more palliative solution for.
We are quickly approaching the year 2012, in which the Aztecs predicted that in December of that year, this world will end.
Be it the world inn it’s entirety, or that which we have to know, 2012 could indeed be a decisive year..

Must make a note of Libya here.. Mohammar remains ensconced in Tripoli, while to the east of the country Benghazi's in rebels hands. It's as though a line has been drawn through the middle of the country, and both sides are concerned that neither have the military might to dislodge the other.
But Mohammar's worried. He's had those air force squadrons still loyal to him, bomb ammunition dumps in the east.
What's perhaps going to happen is Mohammar will followed a scorched earth policy using the Imperial Guard, who have a vested interest in keeping their leader in power..But a problem exists, with defections from the Revolutionary and Imperial Guards..
Either way, this may be a protracted slugging match between the two factions, with the consequence for us being higher petrol and heating oil prices, for the foreseeable future..

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