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Friday, March 25, 2011

The sigh of relief whispering throughout the halls of the American State Department must certainly be audible..
The US never wanted to be in control of the coalition forces fighting with the rebels in Libya.. and tonight that responsibility has been handed to NATO..
Now the US is a major partner in that coalition, but theirs will not be the final word..
While there are continued reports of shortages of water, food, and power in the cities still being fought over, western reports show a population willing to resist, regardless of the cost.. It's an image that we're being inundated with, that of defiant rebel forces sitting on destroyed government tanks.. We're also seeing pro-government crowds chanting their support for the man who's led them for 41 years.. the same fervent support was also seen in Cuba, for Fidel Castro and his particular form of Communism, in which the State nominally owns everything..
With the nightly bombing of Tripoli, bombers and fighter aircraft will continue their nightly missions, but now, under NATO command..
It would have been even better, had the entire responsibility had been placed on the UN itself, but the certainty of veto's from Russia and China makes that option untenable..
But again there is support from the Arab League.. a necessity for any western action whatsoever..
But, this could turn into another Bosnia.. a protracted campaign...
One can only hope that NATO commanders have a better idea of what it is, and what their role is afterwards should Gaddafi be ousted..
So many questions, but at this point, says NATO, they'll stick within the UN mandate allowed in Resolution 1973.. Maintain a no-fly zone.. and the responsibility to 'maintain the safety of civilians'.. but there will be a separate coalition within NATO, which will include the nations originally involved in this conflict..
Juristictional debates could turn this entire effort into little more than a joke..

Fifty Japanese workers are now willingly absorbing exceptionally high amounts of radiation, as they try and get a better idea of what's to be done to increase coolant, preventing a meltdown.. So far, two workers are missing, and 25 in hospital suffering extreme over exposure..
The effcts on household items already tainted as far away as Tokyo, where there are concerns about contamination of tap water ..

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