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Monday, March 21, 2011

Human shields around military compounds in Tripoli.. the last resort of a man who's days would seem to be numbered..
Airstrikes have Mohammars troops in retreat around Benghazi and Tobruk, but any push west will necessitate coalition ground troops to take on those who still support Gadaffi,and that's going to mean 'civilian' casualties. Since arms stores belonging to the government have been opened, it raises the question, who actually is a combatant, and who is a civilian, and this is going to undermine support from the Arab League for this action. The plan was, to strike a blow against the regime that would force Mohammar to take stock of his situation, and resign. That has not worked at all, with those loyal defiant in their defence of their Dictator..
What this seems to be leading to, is either an all out attack to kill Gadaffi, or a partition of the country.
It's obvious Mohammar's insane, and is determined to kill his own population by turning them into a threat to the coalition. Yet, the West still maintains their aim is not to kill Gaddafi, but only to remove him.
Internationally, this could well turn into a disaster, alienating the Arab League and Council.. and making those in the West anathema to Muslims in general.
It's not doing much for Barack at home either, as he appears to waffle in his determination to free Libya. Here, the consensus appears to be that one black op... one snipers bullet, could bring this all to an end.
In the east of Libya, there is exceptional support for the liberation of their country, and appreciation for the allied airstrikes..
However, in the west, the pro-Gaddafi population still backs their leader with a fanatic zeal, as demonstrated by their lining up in their numbers to endure civilian deaths when anti-aircraft installations are targeted..
It's a delicate situation, and Gaddafi's an expert in propaganda, understanding that disinformation is as effective as bullets.
While the allied commanders understand that slaughter of civilians must come to an end on both sides, the shadow of Afghanistan and Pakistan looms heavily on their strategy, and how long this action will take, is now a mystery..

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