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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A high level meeting in London today, with leaders of the coalition working towards the defeat of Mohammar which will likely include members of the 'freedom fighters' in attendance.. The subject is what will happen in Libya post-Gaddafi.. and exactly what help NATO can do in relation to arming the rebels..
It's a major concern for those gathering today..Libya exports a lot of oil, and to whom and where it goes if Mohammar is ousted..
Barack had been accused of 'dithering' on the Libya question.. of not defining exactly what the American military role will be in this kefuffle. According to Obama, there will no American 'boots on the ground' in this conflict, they don't want another Iraq on their hands. It would seem that Barack's exceedingly concerned with this conflict being labeled 'Obama's War'.. Perhaps with that eventuality, or possibility, than in bringing this conflict to a speedy end..

Japan's in some hot water pun intended..
The situation at Fukajima's getting worse, not better. Radiation levels are growing higher and higher in the sea off the northwestern part of Hokkaido, putting the fishing industry into a situation those in Canada's New Brunswick and Newfoundland could easily relate to. Japanese fish are eaten around the world, but not when they glow in the dark..
As to the effect this disaster is having on the Japanese public itself, it would seem they're taking this phlegmatically, dealing with rising food prices and power cuts with exceptionally stoicism. Had this happened in any western country, thousands of people would have taken to the streets already, blaming the government for that which nature doles out..
It speaks volumes about the difference between Japan and the rest of the world. One can bet, that while Japan may have it's problem for a while yet, it's people will deal with it, and that country won't be long in recovering..

And just a note here on a somewhat disturbing possibility in the British education system..
There has been a poll conducted, aimed at seeing how many students would be interested on sitting in on the recruiting interviews for new teachers..
This idea itself is risible, wherein there is a situation where a 9 to 12 year-old would have a voice in whether or not a candidate is hired.
What does this say for the credibility of teachers themselves? How deeply would their authority be undermined? We're moving in the wrong direction as a society as a whole, in that we're giving a voice to those who do not understand the issues, nor the long term consequences of any action their 'gut reaction' might take them..
We're breeding a contempt for all those in control, as though any problems we may face becomes the fault of those we put in authority, and this, in itself, is a great pity.. It contributes to the destruction of all that has been built up over centuries of consideration, without putting any responsibility on the man on the street at all..
Not good..

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