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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Amazing, that which is happening in North Africa..
Libya, Oman, Ymen, all in revolt against timeless regemes..
These people are willing to face, and take up arms against their leaders, and is perhaps the first such action since the establishment of America. While thousands crowd to leave the country in fear of violence in the streets, Libya in particular is on the verge of civil war. If the other countries don't recognize the will of the people, the same could happen again, and again..
What is curious, is that while David Cameron stood and threatened Mohammar with a no fly zone, Hillary hinted at the possibility, and Barack's said nothing at all..
It seems the fact that Libya has deposits of sweet oil surpassing Saudi Arabia, it may well be that if the need arose, Barack could stand and say 'hold on, let this man leave on his own terms..'
Odd, that Britain, this time, is the one to sabre rattling..

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