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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

British GDP grew by .5% for this last quarter, wiping out the .5% drop at the end of 2010.. The Prime Minister says this has reduced the chance of a 'double dip' recession, that some 400 thousand people are back at work, and that manufacuting figures are up.. David cited the cases of Portugal, Greece, and Eire, saying Britain was not in the same situation as these desperate nations..
Of course. the opposition's claiming this is in fact flatline economics.. that this latest rise is in fact, inconsquential in real terms..
One might well think there are no economists at all on the Opposition camp, for any sign of growth is something to be applauded. Yet seemingly Ed Milliband is searching for a specious argument simply to disagree..
The only country that has a higher projected GDP in the Eurozone, is Germany, and whether they meet their original 2.5% growth figure or not, they will certainly post the best figures in our little group...
More, after the reports are fully digested..

The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, has condemned the use of Syrian government troops and tanks against unarmed and peaceful demonsrators, but as yet, there's been no agreement within the Security Council on what the next move will be..
Meanwhile, hundreds of women have taken to the streets, well aware government forces are using live ammunition, to protest the intransigency of President Assad..
It will be something to watch, how many of these distaff members are shot, killed or wounded in today's marching in the southern city of Deraa..
The Syrian government may well soon be facing UN sanctions the likes of which haven't been seen since the blockade of Cuba..

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