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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just a point to start the day..
There have been formal objections to the British team that's going into Banghazi..their role is to teach logistics and intelligence..
Libya's Foreign Minister, Abdul Ati al-Obeidi, says these 'advisors' will only intensify the fighting, and make the whole situation worse..
Now take this from a Libyan perspective. If the rebel forces learn proper military tactics, and should they be able to coordinate an intelligence chain, they'll keep trying... keeping Mohammar's killing of his own people in the news.. The last thing they want is a force that could cooperate it's attacks with NATO bombing attacks.. and then the situation would get entirely out of control..
Now, what Abdul's suggesting is a ceasefire... perhaps a six month ceasefire... while the country prepares for a UN supervised election, following the map set out by the African Union, which the rebels have already turned down, seeking nothing less than the immediate removal of Mohammar and his family from power..
This is him being reasonable, but it gives Gadaffi's forces time to retrench at Misratah.. now into the sixth week of siege..
To really have faith that such a ceasefire would be held to, would be somewhat naive, for there are always going to be bombs launched, and rockets fired, into Misratah, until the rebels give up, or are all dead..
This town is a must for both sides..

Now, France and Italy are also sending in 'advisors.. Italy's sending ten, and France a'somewhat smaller number'..
These do not represent boots on the gound so to speak, according to the three countries sending in advisors... those being Britain, Italy, and France.. but will simply be there to help organize the rebel cause..
However, there are some voices in Parliament who're saying this could constitute the thin edge of the wedge, and that the next logical step, if the NATO airstrikes can't do their job, is to send in troops..
It's a fine wire the coalition's walking, but the claims of cluster bombs being lobbed into Misratah indiscriminately by government forces, might well be a card to play if foreign troops end up on Libyan soil...
It may become 'a matter of humanitarian concern'...
It's a good excuse...

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