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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Interesting.. The Department of Works and Pensions has released figures that show that fully three quarters of those who apply for sickness benefits, are either found fit to work, or drop their claim before completion..
This, in a microcosmic sense, shows the mentality of those on the lower rungs of this society.. That if you can get away with not working by applying for incapacity, then why not give it a shot..?
Again, most fall short of the criteria, or realize they're not going to get it regardless. These are the one's who are on income support, and who will likely stay there despite government 'back to work' schemes.. It's obvious, that if benefits exceed the income one may earn at a part-time or full-time job, then benefits it will be..
We're seeing the downstream effects of the last thirty years of the last century, accompanied by the lack of jobs due to the recession..
Yet not so long ago in Canada, there were university graduates driving cabs, because there was nothing in their chosen field.. A different ethic, worn away worldwide by failure to choose the training for the jobs always there.
A good machinist can find work anywhere.. so can a plumber or electrician.. but 'Blue Collar Jobs' have fallen out of fashion, in favour of pumping out university undergrads with nothing to offer..

Scientists in Europe are concerned about a possible ban on stem cell research right across the board.. They've expressed 'profound concern' about recommendations from the European Court of Justice, to end the harvesting of stem cells from human embryos.. that patents taken out on research which destroyed embryo's should be disallowed..
Now, one must think this to be a 'moral' stance, for it has no basis in reality. Stem cell research and apllication has proven to be efficacious in the treatment of many diseases, the likes of Parkinson's, or Multiple Sclerosis..
Not to say all morality should be abandoned, as in Nazi Germany during the 2d World War, but reason dictates that aborted foetus' be used for whatever beneficial result they might bring..
But, we are a Puritanical group, regardless of how we might deny it.. and we set boundaries that are not always condusive to good sense, or the common welfare..

Now we know the Foreign Office is incensed with the government attacks in Syria... The Syrian Ambassdor's invitation to tomorrow's Royal wedding has been withdrawn..
There had been noises in Whitehall about th invitation being issued in the first place, given the human rights violations taking place oin that country..
But now it's official.. Buckingham Palace has stepped in..
Dr. Sami Khiami said 'it was rather embarrassing...'

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