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Sunday, April 24, 2011

This is becoming absurd..
Syrian government troops firing on funerals..killing a dozen or so in the process..?
One supposes that governments in that area have done so, with relative impunity, for millennia.. but in this age of Globalisation, and instant communication, this behavior becomes, rather than a simple way to put down an uprising, a worldwide circus with critics crawling from the woodwork..
The Muslim World, is being literally dragged into what we like to call 'the 21st Century.. And, as any culture would, it's making it as hard as possible within the moral strictures of our uber-Calvanistic morality..
Imagine had China not decided to avoid all this brouhaha and effect change at a measured pace.. Understanding the values of being a world class producer is going to put us into a position in which our grandchildren will have Mandarin or Canonese in their curriculae..
Not so with the Middle East..
As the Turks held onto the Divine Port.. so will the Arab States. Refer back a tad, and they were described as 'the Muslim States'... This creed is vast, involving not only Africa.. but worldwide in scope. It must give it's approval to change.. take the divine wind from the sails of 'martyrs'.. and embrace a role in this modern world that while taking some extreme powers away, offers much more in return.
Shame there isn't an equivalent New Testament in the Q'ran..
Would make things so much easier.

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