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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

You'll recall that it was in the Ivory Coast this pan-North African 'freedom' movement started, and still today, while they've had their election, they have troops and armed gangs roaming the streets of Abidjan. The man who insists he won the election, President Laurent Gbagbo, is hiding in a bunker within his Presidential Palace, while troops loyal to the Internationally accepted President, Alassane Ouattara, are verily at the gates..
This is the scenario which was bound to develop, and while Laurent has gone on State television and stated he was no martyr.. he was not prepared to die.. but he would not give up the Office of President, regardless of it's pretence..
The same could deveop in Yemen.. in Libya.. in Bahrain..
In effect, these countries are in civil wars which will lead to a Military rule, until such time compromises can be worked out and the people can get a fair whack at electing a fair government..
Oh wait, they've already done that.. and we're back to square one..
One belated tip...hold on to your cocoa holdings.. while the markets down, there will be a rise in the index... It's a poor crop this year, and supplies are only just beginning to flow again..

It would appear that China and India are the two economies among the Asian group, projecting more than seven percent growth over the fiscal year..
Yet as we posted earlier, figures are easily manipulated to give a false picture.
Take China, in real growth, GDP, it's projected that it will remain at zero percent.. which considering the state of the world economy, is exceptional..
India's GDP is expected to fall by at least three percent...
So when they say 'growth', they're talking about expansion of their capabilities both at home and abroad..
But both need foreign investment.. Eurozone or North American companies who can expand the Chinese and Indian workforce..providing much needed commodities and services to the 'new middle class'... and bringing their technology with them..
It's going to be a very short time, in the overall scheme of things, before China and India start overwhelming the productivity of the West.. for once they've seen it done, they can copy it as many times as their internal economies allow..

It had to happen sooner or later.. Portugal has asked the IMF for a bailout, and they'll find the interest rates they'll be charged to be even higher than those on debts from Eire or Greece.. one must wonder what the reaction will be from the German and French peoples, when they find themselves taxed to pay another government's debts..
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