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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A new and somewhat interesting approach from the Libyan government.
That while political reform could be granted the peoples, that there could be elections, but Mohammar must stay in power as a 'unifying factor'.. tying tribal factions together and maintaining a figurehead for the entire country.. The concern is, according to government spokesmen, is that a situation such as those in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, not occur in Lybia। That removing Gadaffi would create a power vacuum, which could lead to further violence as tribal factions line up to take control.They have also asserted government forces have not been targeting civilians in retalliation for their opposition to the Gadaffi regime, but have only been fighting 'armed militias'..
What tripe..
Evacuees have been reporting 'massacres' of civilians by government troops in the coastal city of Misrata.. that hospitals are full of the wounded, and dead still lying in the streets..
This has been going on for almost two months now.. and one might think we're all getting sick of it.
Meanwhile Said Gadaffi, Mohmmars son, is ridiculing rumours that his family will leave Libya and take asylum in any other African nation.. that there's room for a compromise, local elections, set wages.. a better standard of living for the average Libyan man of the street..
He's underlined the possibility of chaos if his father leaves, projecting a civil war without Mohammar to hold the country united..
Still, the fight to oust the man continues..

More later.

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