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Friday, May 27, 2011

The NATO role in breaking the deadlock in Libya has taken a step up the ladder.. The Royal Navy has deployed 4 Apache helicopters, to be used against smaller targets and urban warfare..
Russia has joined the other NATO members, in demanding Mohammar step down.. and has even gone so far as offering to help negotiate a change in power..The final G8 declaration contained tougher-than-expected language after changes late on Thursday night. It read: “[Gaddafi] has no future in a free, democratic Libya. He must go.” Sergei Ryabkov, the deputy Russian foreign minister, went farther, saying: “We think that Gaddafi has stripped himself of his legitimacy and it is necessary to help him leave.”

And Radko Mladic is now in custody.. and extradition proceedings are on the way to send him to the Hague.. But the judge last night said the man was frail.. and he would decide in a couple of days if the hearing will continue.. latest reports have it that doctors have said he is healthy enough to attend hearings today.. and so it continues.. The latest is that he's well enough to travel to the Hague, to face charges of genocide.. However, this man's arrest has split Serbia.. the village itself where he was found and arrested, seem to look on it as a bad day.. They would have protected him..
To some, and just how many that 'some' might be might be demonstrated over the next few days.. the man's a Hero..
How odd..

A rather interesting discussion about what was not said, in Barack's speech to the combined Houses.. He said the right thing on Afghanistan.. the right thing on supporting the 'Middle Eastern Spring'.. but conspicuous by it's absebse was any mention of Saudi Arabia..
Saudi Arabia is an absolute Monarchy.. the House of Saud has been in power since 1932.. and in this day and age it is something of a bi-shoreline Society.. with those on the Persian Gulf, and those on the Red Sea, are almost entirely Westernised.. The money's all made in these two parts of the country, and they understand the world outside.. The middle, is not quite as interested in what goes on beyond that which affects them.. still tribal..
There have been some demonstrations in Riyadh, but nothing that goes beyond concessions the House of Saud were already in the process of instituting..
Saudi, and Israel, are the two most important countries in the Middle East, as far as the West is concerned..
And Saudi, is the final voice in the Islamic world..

David Cameron has taken the other G8 countries are lagging behind in their commitments of funds, for a resolution in the Middle East.. britain, says David, will meet it's moral obligation and pay out it's share.. but others owe some 19 billion dollars in aid.. promises made, but not yet kept..
An expensive proposition, this bringing the West to the Middle East..

Yet another unusual weather front caused Heathrow to shut down for a few hours yesterday.. high winds and thunderstorms cancelled near 80 flights.. and caused hours of delays..
Less than 4 months now on the Camper Calendar..

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