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Monday, April 23, 2007

It's a two horse race in France..
Two candidates representing entirely different points of view.. and the winner will not only form the government, but will also reflect the percentage of French voters which hold certain ideas on hos their country should be run..
Today's first round results Nikolas Sarkovski, called a 'Center-Rightist'.. but with leanings definately towards the right of center, getting about 31% of the popular vote..
His opponent,Socialist Segolene Royal, managed 25%.. added spice to her campaign is that should she win, she would be the countrys first female President..
Our previously mentioned candidate, the far, far Right Jean Marie le Pin, somehwhat disturbingly, managed close to 11% of the vote, and while that is considerably down from the numbers he recieved in the last Presidental election, it still indicates that at least one in ten Frenchmen and women, share his idealism.
Jean Marie le Pin will not be on the second ballot though, keeping in mind he made it through the last time..
Nicolas is something of a hard-liner.. he will 'demand' of his countrymen, a sense of 'identity' they seem to have lost.. a work ethic, stressing in his speeches the values of those who get up every day and head off to their jobs, whatever they may be.
He calls those who took part in the recent riots, both the Unionists and the students,'garbage'.. those who would demand more from the system than they were willing to put into it..
He would cut back on immigration, and increase the deportations of illegal immigrants..
His statements after todays results were to the effect 'that the nation has shown that it wants a final decision made, between two diametrically opposed political systems.. That the time has come to define France..'
Now Segoline, in her remarks said almost exactly the same thing..
" On 6 May we will have a clear choice between two very different paths. I extend my hand to all those who think like me that it is not only possible but urgent to leave a system that no longer works.
I invite you to invent a new France, both protecting and dynamic. A fraternal and conquering France that allows each person to build their life and succeed. I call tonight for the rallying of all those who identify with the values of the presidential pact and who think that it is possible to reform France without brutalising it, who want to make human values triumph over stock market valuations, who want to put an end to the insecurity and precariousness that have painfully worsened in recent years."
So, there you have it.
Both contenders asking for a definative statement from the French..
Socialist.. or Capitalist..
There will be more, 'til May 6th, when the final ballots will be cast..
It deserves some thought to the success of either candidate, for the future of France in the EU, will depend on the outcome..

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