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Friday, April 20, 2007

Jean Marie La Pen.. an ex-paratrooper.. one of the candidates in this upcoming French election..
Now it might seem off that this particular writer is paying any attention to the elections of a country which casually, may have little or no economic or political clout in the not-so distant future.. But for the now, France has a part to play in the Brussels Accord.. the 'constitution hidden within an economic and administrative muddle'..
He's an extreme Rightist.. some would almost call him Fascist..
In fact, when one reporter was moved aside by le Pen's minders.. he was frisked, and almost prompted to explain.. 'Pas ma pote.. pas ma poche'.. that is, 'Not my mate, not my pocket..'
The rallying cry stems from a La Pin campaign poster, with a black man and a white man standing side by side, with the caption 'Touche Pas Ma Pote'.. 'Don't Touch My Mate'..
Le Pin Mr Le Pen says that he's hopeful for these elections.. He was a surprise success in the last, and has gained significant support..
He added, in English,
"I am fighting for it!I'm wary of terms like 'extreme right'.. they are value judgements as much as descriptions".
When asked the question echoes by protesters... Is he a fascist?
"Fascists were Italian," he replies...
Action Francaise weren't however.. referring to the French inter-war fascist party.
The geniality fades, to be replaced by irritation.
"I'm nothing to do with that. I've been fighting elections for 50 long do I have to go on before you consider me a democrat?"
And on this day there's not much talk that would ring any alarm bells. His target today is the European Union.. and particularly fishing quotas..
He was in Bordeau..
More on the other candidates.. to come..
Keep in mind that it's the winner of this election, that will have to deal with Gordon Brown.. an avowed Europhile..
And it will be the continued demands for increased French agricultural and fishing industry subsidies, that Gordon will have to face..

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