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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Now.. let us move on to yet another indication that Britain has not been cowed by this latest incident in Iran..
There is a move within the Moslem Community in Britain, to marginalize those mosques which would foster extremism..
In a speech today, Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly is expected to say:
"I do not under-estimate the difficulties we face or the scale of this challenge. But I know from my conversations with Muslim communities up and down the country that the desire and commitment to tackle extremism is there. Success will hinge on forging a new alliance against violent extremism. We need to reach out and give greater support to the overwhelming majority who are disgusted by terrorist attacks carried out in the name of Islam."
In a related move, Attorney General Lord Goldsmith said specialist prosecutors are beginning to work with police officers to improve how they target extremist Imams.
"For some time I have been concerned that we have not taken sufficiently effective action against a very small minority of extremists among our communities who incite others to terrorism.. By bringing together the law enforcement agencies and the prosecutors we now have a commitment to tackle these cases in an effective, focused and well co-ordinated way and the structures to enable that to happen."

It must be emphasised, that Islam itself is not a violent faith.. any more than is Christianity..
And indeed, the historical acts of Christian 'terrorism' against Islam might be said to be greater than those commited by Moslems today..
But the fact remains, that history is history, and this is a world that is growing smaller and smaller by the second..
And if any Community wants to retain it's traditions, then by all means, let that be so.. but within the broader context of the greater society we live in..
This, at the very least, is an absolute imperative..

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