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Monday, April 02, 2007

This olny was a matter of time, and had been expected...
In fact, one thought such a demonstration would have taken far less time to orchestrate by those fundamentalist factions within Iran.. far less time to get Iranisn students and youths incensed enough, that they would organise an appearance at the British Embassy in Tehran..
But finally, today, it has taken place..
Thousands of Iranians, the vast majority of them within the demographic of 16 to 28, threw rocks, firebombs, and attempted to storm the walls of the British Embassy.. demanding that all diplomatic ties with Britain be severed, and all diplomats recalled..
It's a common ploy of Fatah and Hammas, to target the i-Pod generation.. to incite them to a point of indignation that they would take violent action. These are the people from whom they draw their followers.. the one's politically naive, and nationalistic in their points of view.. Those who truely believe their plight, their relative poverty, their status within the worldwide community is the fault of the US and Britain, and not the actions of their own government..
These are the people who will be convinced, that strapping on a semtex vest and killing innocents, is a justifyable action, to further the cause of Islam, and to shake the complacency of 'the Great Shaitan'..
Only a matter of time.
Meanwhile, two more British Naval personnel have appeared on Arab television, admitting they trespassed into Iranian waters when they searched that freighter. Again, in the face of irrefutable proof they did not, they were coerced into admitting a wrong they know to be false.
One must wonder what promises have been made by their captors, to prompt such actions. Or whether these personel realise that to we, in the West, realise the uselessness of such 'confessions' by those who have been held incommunicado for more than a week..
President Ahkamenejad continues his rhetoric, accusing Britain of being 'selfish and duplicitous'.. and the use of that word itself..'selfish'.. underlines what must be becoming an increasing sense of discomfort among Iranian officials, as this crisis goes on and on...
It is not an Arabic custom, to allow captives to be held for such a long period of time. Among their community, an apology would be proffered immediately, the captives returned, and denials of any such incursions would follow quickly by those who had lost personnel, with the upper hand, the moral high ground, left with those who took the initial action.
We're not playing by their rules, any more than they're playing by ours.. and to some expent, this is confusng them.
The idea of 'not dealing with terrorists' is foreign to them, for 'plausible denial' has been a part of their diplomatic culture for centuries..
One had to wonder, at the presence of literally truckloads of bricks and stones, which were present at the protest at the British Embassy.. This is something the students themselves could not have provided, for they lack the money and the organisation..
It points directly at the involvement of either the government, or terrorist organisations, in this action.
Stupid of them to allow these sources of ammunition to be filmed by news crews.. An obvious oversight..

Meanwhile, in Israel, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has proposed holding a regional peace conference following the revival of an Arab peace initiative.
This is a move that had been proposed before, and outrightly rejected by Israel..
But it would seem, that the Israeli's themselves are becoming weary of continuous violence in their own country, and are more receptive to giving a 'homeland' to those who they used to live with, side by side, in perfect peace, until groups the likes of Hammas came in and stirred the youth into a frenzy of nationalism..
We may well see a meeting between the Israeli and Palistinian leaders within the next week or so, with the possibility of concessions being made..
It will be interesting to watch how much opposition is presented by Hammas, and Fatah, and also on the price of Middle Eastern oil, should an agreement be reached..
The Saudi's will be intimately involved in these talks..

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