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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

There have been some reports by analysts, that Iran might be somewhat excused in their attitude concerning their position in the Middle East.. that they are 'surrounded' by American and British troops.. and are therefor feeling somewhat vulnerable..
Utter rubbish..
Iran has to the north, Turkmenistan..Azerbaijan.. and Turkey.. All states controlled by Islamic governments..
To the east, of course, is Iraq.. where British and American forces are indeed involved in trying to establish a democratic state.. something which the Middle Eastern States are all concerned about..
A tad farther to the east, are Syria.. Jordan.. and Saudi Arabia.. all again Islamic States.. not to mention Kuwait..Qatar..Oman.. and the United Arab Emirates..
So, to imply that Iran's 'vulnerability' is caused by the presence of US and British troops 'surrounding' them, is patently absurd.. In fact, they are surrounded by those who could be considered allies, were their cause considered justified, and their stance accepted as rational.
They have been a constant source of arms for those fighting against the coalition forces in Iraq.. as has Syria..
They have been a constant source of arms and fighters for the Taliban in Afghanistan.. and while the rest of the Islamic Community in the area is well aware of this.. a tacit blind eye has been turned, for that particular area has been at constant conflict with 'the West' since the Middle Ages..
Iran has stated, without hesitation or reservation, that it is dedicated to the destruction of the State of Israel, and the establishment of a Palistinian Homeland, in that area now occupied by Israel..
Forget the fact, that when Israel was given that land under the Balfour Declaration in 1947, it consisted of two ports, and desert.. and now is a self-sufficient country wherein Palistinians and Israeli's lived and worked side by side in peace, until Hezbollah decided to stir the Islamic cause into something which has turned into a series of senseless bombings and deaths..
Admittedly, Israel would be in great danger if it did not have the backing of the United States.. forget not that it was attacked by Syria, and twice by Egypt, within three years of it's inception, and fought off these incursions with it's own military, supplied with American arms..
Also forget not that Israel had, and has it's own dark side, with the Stern Gang, and the reputation of the ruthlessness of the Mossad..
But regardless, Israel has nothing in it's short history that has not been equalled, if not surpassed by those Islamic States which surround it..
It remains the one solid foothold the West has in the region, and remains the only State in the area that is not Islamic, and will certainly never declare Jihad against all Westerners within it's borders..
It is a complex issue, is the Middle East.. further complicated with the issue of western dependance on oil..
Our future in that area. depends on the continued 'neutrality' of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and that, in itself, is for us, somewhat akin to ballancing in the head of a pin..
It must always be remembered, that the 'diplomacy' practiced by the Arab States, is not that which we would expect from our European allies. Their plans.. their strategies.. their pledges.. are based on the factor that any agreements made, are not completely binding, for they are made with 'the infidel'..
We have invested much, in the way of capital, and trust, in those we consider our allies in the Levant..
It remains to be seen.. just how much reciprocity can be expected..
Let it not be said that this writer is anti-Islamic, for that is not the case. Each is, and should be, free to follow whatever faith they should choose..
But let it also be understood, that Britain has dealt peaceably with the Middle East since the first sailing ships worked their way down to the end of the Mediterranian in the 17 hundreds, and experience allows an insight into circumstances which have not changed.
And let it also be understood, that Europe has dealt with the Middle East in a hostile manner, since the 11th Century, and such history has also added to insights, on both sides..
Lest we forget..

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