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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Now, the latest is, that Iranian President Ahmadenejad is setting the 15 kidnapped British Naval personnel free.. as a 'gift' to Britain..
He has announced that they will be taken immediately to an airport, and sent to a British Military base.. as a 'gesture of goodwill' from the people of Iran..
This move has made him amazing diplomatic points, both in the West, and more importantly, among the Arab Community..
It has effectively cancelled out the impact of the original kidnapping.. and has demonstrated the magnaminity of Iran..
An exceedingly smart move, by an exceedingly devious man.. One must wonder, what will be expected in return, keeping in mind that his nuclear program is suspect, and his motives must always been evaluated, very carefully..
There is always a purpose for any of his actions..
And there will be a cost attached to this freeing of the servicemen, one can be assured of that.
If not immediately, then certainly, it will be raised as a bargaining point, at some point down the road..
Very canny..

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