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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

George is still trying to 'fight the good fight'.. with his veto over a Congressional move that would have tied funding of the war to a timetable for withdrawal of American troops..
But with Tony leaving in a matter of weeks, and a new agenda to be worked out with Gordon, George and his advisors must be feeling the squeeze..
Setting the date when the last American boot will lift off the ground in Iraq at this point, would be tantamount to setting the date for the beginning of the first Iraqi Civil War..
One would expect Gordon to continue with the strategy set out by Tony, with a 'war of attrition' eventually becoming policy..

Things have gone, not unexpectedly, somewhat quiet in the French contest.. The fanfare should begin next week in earnest..
At the moment it's consolidation of the 'party faithfull'..admonitions from the candidate him/herself..
Should be interesting to watch for fluctuations in the value of the Euro as these votes are cast and counted..

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