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Monday, May 21, 2007

Now.. this must confirm the circular nature of history, and the individual common response to success.. Ancient Rome springs to mind.
The story is simply this.
An American tourist.. now here it must be suggested that it is not only the American wealthy who have gone to such excess, that it could be any nationality.. was on a cruise to the Norwegian fijords.. a pleasant place to see in spring..
He developed stomach problems while his Five Star Liner was docked in the Firth of Forth, off Edinburgh, and the doctors on the ship decided he needed hospital attention, and should be taken ashore to the Royal Infirmary.
This was done.
The tourist had emergency surgery, and is now recovering comfortably..
Now to the historical similarities..
This man weighed in at 32 stone.. 203 kilo's.. 447 pounds.. and was so large he couldn't be loaded over the side to a launch.. he was too large for an effective air ambulance rescue, considering the conditions on the open sea..
So they called in the RAF.
The Sea King Rescue 177 is often used for search and rescue, but was originally designed for military use - including anti-submarine warfare and general tasks including heavy lifting.
Custom made, it would seem..
It would seem that the excesses of the present, are frighteningly close to those of the past.. when a man would have 20 servants already delegated to carry him in times of need..
And this man's weight, is sadly not anywhere near that of some who posess fine minds.. producers and employers..
Again, historically, it has been difficult to define the line between genius, and insanity.. between success and excess..
Historically, when our wealthy become obese, and those with power unhealthy, society turns against the oligarchs..
Now that is not to say that all of our leaders and financially influential are fat.. most who are the epitome of their chosen fields are not.
They make George and Tony run.. it's for their own good. You think they want to?
Another piece of the puzzle.

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