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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Yet another domino is falling.. Tony will be gone as of the 27th of June..
That leaves a lame-duck President to deal with a Prime Minister who's future is definitly undecided in the next poll.. with a new right of center French Prime Minister who's raring to go, to get France back into the International Community..
Here.. Gordon's going to face the legacy of Tony's commitments, both domestic and foreign, while appearing to give enough originality to future Labour plans to give the impression he's capable of running the country..
He's going to need to forge his own personal relationship with George .. and that should be interesting.. a Texan and a Scotsman..
However.. Tony's running blocker for him in his last few weeks.. He has a busy travel schedule mapped out.. Washington included.. no doubt to give a sketch of what to expect from Gordon the Prime Minister, as opposed to what they've seen of Gordon, the Chancellor..
We'll not go into an evaluation of Tony's years in office at this point.. his highs and lows have been recorded on the day..
But along with the rest of the leaders of the G8+5, and the Heads of State in the new EU member countries, we will wonder at the direction Gordon will take on issues the likes of immigration.. of a migrant workforce.. of the insideous homogenisation of Britain into what's certainly going to become an United States of Europe..
Even Turkey is bowing to demands that it form a secular government, to allow the expansion of this hegemony into Asia Minor..
And how will Gordon deal with the impression of the man on the street, that Britain, which has resisted invasion for a thousand years, has handed certain aspects of our 'freedoms' to an united Europe.
Even on a smaller level.. but a significant one in these times.. how will Gordon deal with the Englishman's attitude towards a Scottish Prime Minister..
Complicated times.. with the public leadership changing in the West in a relatively short period..
Talk may be expected.. rhetoric which will defend the maintenance of the status quo for the now.. but the larger mechanism for change has already been set in motion, and it is still questionable how our new leaders will deal with all that faces them.
Interesting times.
Times which can see situations which would appear to demand immediate response, such as the recent incident on the Shaat al Arab..immediately, as it happened.. times in which our leaders must be prepared with contingency plans for any given situation which can be implemented immediately.
These are days when digesting all the salient points of an issue, a process which should take weeks, is publicly completed in a weekends Summit.
Or at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council..
One cannot envy George the mantle he's assuming.
One can only hope he already knows how to juggle..

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