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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Just a brief note for the moment..
It has been decided, after a years study and a capital outlay by the government of £418 million.. almost a billion American dollars these days.. that 'gangs'.. the word itself.. stygmatises what is, in actuality, 'groups of troublesome youths'..
The Youth Justice Board issued this enigmatic statement.. to quote:
"Young people on the cusp of antisocial behavior and offending must be given the right emergency exits to avoid falling into more serious group offending and gangs in those areas where they exist. Troublesome youth groups is one which is getting more mentions. It distinguishes between groups who are causing a bit of trouble and proper criminal gangs."
This cost £418 million?
This took a year to conclude?
This utter nonsense can be taken seriously by those who commissioned it, or even by those who authored it?
It is not often that any 'Holy Text' is quoted in this commentary.
The Gospel of John, Chapter 11, verse 35.. about sums it up.

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