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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Today's the day for the French..
Will it be the pro-American pro-entrepreneurial Nicolas Sarkosy.. or the pro-EU socialism of Segoline Royale..

Interesting the results of this Thursday's British elections.. While the majority of voters up here voted against the seperatist stance of the SNP, the Scottish National Party did manage to get a plurality.. of one seat..
Of course, this is effectively a lame-duck government.. because Labour is that close and coalitions are difficult to maintain over a 4 year session.. but it is being hailed by Alex Salmond as a massive victory for the case of separation from the Union.. He would dearly love to have a chance over the next 4 years.. to demonstrate to the Scottish peoples, that this is a country that could stand alone..
He'll have a fair deal to prove.. that we can survive on a shrinking tax-base.. deal with an ageing population.. maintain the services provided by the NHS.. even deliver the post..
All this without increasing taxes..

Now, back to the French election for a minute..
The US media seems to be backing Sarkovsy as a shoe-in.. with indeed the Washington Post saying it could usher in a new era in dealings between the US and Europe..
This, considering the leanings of Germany's Angela Merkel and of course, our own Gordon Brown..
This might be somewhat optimistic..
We'll see what the Berlin meetings produce..

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