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Saturday, May 12, 2007

A new furore at the United Nations, over the nomination of Zimbabwe to head the UN Commission on Sustainable Development..
The Chair of this Committee rotates through the regions of the world, and it's Africas turn, and Zimbabwe has been put forward by the African nations to be their representative.
Now the United Nations, the European Countries, and the janitor at the UN have all asked the nomination be changed, because Robert Mugabe's government if falling apart economically, is repressive, has one of the worst human rights violations records in the world, and is about to lose it's power source of Mozambique for a debt of only $9A the moment households in Zimbabwe are limited to 4 hours of electricity a day, between five in the afternoon and nine at night..
This casts, says those somewhat alarmed by the nomination, some doubt on the ability of Zimbabwe to contribute significantly in the Chair of this Committee..
However..Zimbabwe's ambassador to the UN, Boniface Chidyausiku, said his country was 'entitled' to hold the chairmanship.
"It's our right. We're members of the United Nations and we're members of CSD, and the Africa group did make a decision and endorsed Zimbabwe...They're making a storm out of a teacup."
End quote.
Now not to be pedantic, but if one is about to assume the Chair of a vital UN Commission, one should at least be aware of the dangers of 'storms out of a teacup'...
Tempests too..
In, as well..

And finally, the deed is done.
Tony has endorsed Gordon Brown, saying he has all confidence Gordon will wear the mantle well..
Now again, there are many even within Gordon's own ranks, who have their reservations.
Gordon is Scottish, and while has the ability to analyze, integrate, correlate, formulate when it comes to matters financial, his ability to work on the world stage, with his somewhat volatile and caprecious personality, is moot.
Now.. say many.. he is learning.
He's been photographed smiling so much these past few days, that it's obvious the strain it makes on the mans face.
Gordon is a politician, and that's indisputable.
But is he a diplomat..?
He has slightly less than two years to prove he is, or somewhat less time to learn to be one.. There are certainly some rough edges to be honed off..
We live in interesting times...

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