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Monday, May 14, 2007

It should be interesting, to see the results, is there are any, os the Pope's visit to South America..
This is a continent that has always been a bastion of Roman faith.. but of late, there have been significant numbers deserting their parishes, to join evangelical Protestant church's..
The Pope made quite an empassioned speech.. decrying the 'governments in South America which repress the masses, and maintain the massive gap between the rich and the poor..'
Now he named no particular regeme, but did point out that the spreading influence of Marxism and Socialism, were the cause of situations which go directly against the teachings of his Church..
There was a time, when Brazil was 89% Roman Catholic..
Now, it's closer to 75%..
It's hard these days to find South American priests.. and the Pontiff blamed the social systems which have developed over these past decades, wherein the poor have little to hope for, and have turned to drugs.. alcohol.. violence..
The Pope put the onus on the various South American governments to rectify this situation..
While most of the crowds Benedict faced were smaller than organisers of the trip had expected.. there were a million who turned out in Sao Paulo Sunday to witness the Canonisation of the first South American Saint.. a Franciscan monk by the name of Friar Galvao, for those interested..
A million voices could give something for Brazils leaders to think about, in the wake of Iranian President Ahmadenejad's visit..
Not to mention Venezeula, with the Perez Government already under international indictment for Human Rights Violations..
As previously said, South America is a continent cultivated by the Church, and those who came in it's name, and under it's auspices..
The Pontiff may be a voice, that some may listen to..

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