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Saturday, May 12, 2007

An interesting idea posited by the editors of the LA Times for Tony..
That once he steps down as PM.. he could be a prime candidate for a 'World Environment Czar'..
"As efforts to combat global warming pick up steam" the editors write, "a new, transnational body will eventually be created to mediate and enforce greenhouse-gas treaties -- sort of an environmental equivalent of the World Trade Organization. Blair, a top spokesman for sensible climate change policy, would make an ideal founding director" ...
An interesting, if futile post for a somewhat worn-out looking politician..
Enforcing worldwide emissions is going to be an impossible jb in itself... with the US not having even signed up to the Kyoto Treaty, and China exempt from any restrictions, because it's a 'developing nation'..
One wonders if Tony has the stamina to take on such a position, were such a body formed, and were he asked to be the first in charge..
Considering the manner in which Tony is leaving, for make no mistake he is being forced out under a timetable not of his making.. it might well be the man has, perhaps for the time being, lost the drive to 'serve'..
Tony is both a politician, and a diplomat.. He's had ten years of hard-fought experience dealing with domestic and international crises..
Whether he would take the job if offered.. if such a regulatory body was indeed founded.. is moot..
But like the man or not, one would have to admit that if he did take such a post, he would do the best he could.. and use all the powers he was granted to enforce the rulings of his advisory council..
Something to think about..

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