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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Something to keep an eye on..
There is a meeting of the UN Security Council Scheduled, to discuss the continuing problem of Kosovo..
Russia maintains it's an internal matter, yet the UN has been involved in peace-keeping in the area for years..
This has become one of two major disagreements which have sprung up between George and Vlad.. the other are American moves to increasing their nuclear capability in Eastern Europe..
Now.. Condaleesa's meeting with Vlad at the moment.. and her job is to reach some basic agreement on both issues before the scheduled Security Council meeting, and to defuse the statements that the US/Russia are entering a new 'Cold War' phase..
Vlad's movements towards restoring some of the Powers of the State which were de rigeur under Soviet rule, and stepping down the move towards Capitalism, have not pleased the White House..
But.. while many issues stand between the Americans and the Russians.. if Vlad and Condi can hammer out a compromise before Wednesday, that meeting will be cancelled.
If that meeting does take place, expect some heated exchanges..

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