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Friday, September 08, 2006

Ahh.. you have to love it when political rows turn into a circus..
The former Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, has put it as bluntly as he could, calling the heir-apparent to the Labour leadership, Gordon Brown, 'stupid', for his continued insistance for a date for Tony's withdrawal from office..
He noted, quite rightly too, that people were angry at photos of Mr Brown smiling broadly amid the chaos..
And it goes deeper than that..
A straw poll taken by the BBC shows that the vast majority of people see the Labour Party in burnout, and are smewhat wary of Mr.Browns ability to take the reins in a time of such national and international turmoil.
Mr Brown should have stopped the plots against Mr Blair, and still had to prove he was fit to govern, argued Mr Clarke.
Brown, supporting MP John McFall, who was one of the 17 Junior Ministers to put their name to a letter demanding a date for Tony's reliquishing the leadership, accused Mr Clarke of a "mixture of hubris and a plea for recognition".
And former minister Glenda Jackson said the party would be watching to see whether Mr Blair distanced himself from Mr Clarke's comments.

Now, one has to understand how politics is seen on this small island. It's on a par with 'Eastenders' and 'Coronation STreet'. It's a source of entertainment, as well as being acknowledged as the machine that will decide British policy.
One thing can be taken as a given. That being the Conservatives laughing quietly in the background.
One looks forward with great anticipation as to what will be said in Manchester at the end of this month, as Labour holds it's annual Conference.
In the meantime, Tony has quietly declared that he will step down, within a year's time.
What an ignominious end to a fairly competent run as Prime Minister..

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