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Monday, September 11, 2006

There's one other item of interest, which deserves mention. This has come to the fore in Britain, but has been overshadowed by commemmorative services for those who died, or were injured, in the NY events of 911, and the London attacks of 711..
That is, the use, after two years of being in effect, of the dismissal of the 'double jeopardy' system in the British judiciary.
The care in itself, is important for the most part, to the members of a dead daughter, and to the man who admitted while in jail for another offence, that he had murdered her.
This is, or was, an 800 year old law, brought into effect for the most part, to prevent the official hounding of a man found innocent by a jury of his peers.. It was altered, three years ago, to allow the re-trial of anyone acquited of a crime, should any new and 'compelling' evidence come to light..
Originally, it was thought this change three years ago would have re-opened some 350 cases, but to date, only the one man has finally been brought to justice, and only due to his own stupidity.
One must ponder this little known change to our judicial system, for while indeed it might bring a few to justice, it could also lead to the incessant persecution of those who are entirely innocent..
It's a fine line between justice, and revenge.

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