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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Difficult times for Tony..
There have been two letters sent to the PM, in effect demanding that he step down asap, implying his leadership is now harming the Party. The second of these letters has been signed by 17 MP's, one a junion Member of Parliament, and that puts an entirely different light on Tony's effectiveness as Prime Minister.
Labour has it's annual Convention later this month in Manchester, and there appear to many who would have him give a firm date for his departure. There are reports this evening that May 31st next year is the day Tony will hand over the reins, and that's when the fun will begin.
There are a few who will throw their hats in the ring, however, if Gordon Brown, the front runner for taking the leadership, does indeed succeed, it will mean a drastic change in British Foreign Policy.
Gordon's a Europhile, and would prompt movements that would take the emphasis off Britain's alliance with the US, and put it more in line with deeper involvement with the European Union.. and a stepping away from the present close relationship with the US. There could be a re-thinking of the British comitment in Afhanistan and Iran, a possibly a referendum on Britain's adoption of the Euro.. The powers in Brussels would be reinforced by a much more prominent role to be played by Britain, and would influence the European Hegemony's influence over global affairs in general, from carbon emissions, through government national subsidies, to the 'Westernisation process' of those who're waiting in line to join.
Turkey, for example.
There has been a sugestion from within the Labour Party that Tony's doing a 'Margaret Thatcher' in staying on too long. That in fact his recent performance has been to the detriment of Labour in general. It would be a pity for such a Prime Minister to suffer the same fates as Churchill.. Callaghan..Thatcher.. to be discarded by the public and their own 'faithful', as being past their sell-by-date.
For despite what Party one follows, it must be admitted that Tony has taken this country through some heavy seas with a reasonably stready hand on the tiller.
To be chased by a rabid mob of his own Party Members, and hectored to vacate No.10 at a time not of his own choice, would be a travesty.
Having said that, one would give good odds the next government, whether it be with a stunning majority or merely enough to ensure their policies pass through, will be David Cameron's Conservatives.. To date, the one policy statement they have released, is that they would 'increase internal spending, on such as education, urban renewal, and the NHS. That statement, somewhat vague in itself, does not explain where the extra monies will come from, but does indicate that emphasis on foreign involvements will decrease. And knowing the Conservatives, it could well mean the antithesis of Gordon's plans, and a drifting away from Europe and even closer ties with the US.
Then again, this relative silence from the Tories, as they watch their popularity grow and Labours wane, could simply be no more than a biding of time..
It is possible Labour will self-destruct over the next few months. This upcoming Party Conference in Manchester, will be an interesting affair, to say the least.

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