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Thursday, September 28, 2006

An interesting statistic..
One in four Brits have, or have been treated for, a mental illness. That one in four of those, has gone undiagnosed..
When one applies that statistic to say, Westminster, that would seem to indicate that over 110 of our MP's are somewhat, to some degree, crazy...
That does explain a lot..
But if one extrapolates, for surely it's not a problem peculiar to British citizens, there would be an inordinately large number of loonies in control in, say, the US..
And it would certainly explain some of the current actions of the governments of Germany, and France..

Yet another report which seemingly attacks the government's presence in the Middle East. This one suggests that we, by merely being there, are drawing more and more Muslims towards extremism. It is a shame, that those in power and who play with troops in Iraq like chesspieces, have not devised a strategy that would, while working towards supressing terrorism, also engender some sympathy from the local population.
Perhaps, if we intend to keep troops there, it might be wise to begin some serious restoration work.. get the regiments out there who not only fight, but who can directly repair some of the infrastructure that has been destroyed..electricity..water supplies..
If we were seen trying to rebuild some of the buildings knocked down by bombing or shelling, while maintaining our role in support of the elected government..
We are throwing away millions of £'s a day in maintaining a shooting war. Perhaps it's time to divert some of that budget, to openly trying to help those who have never touched a gun.
It might discourage them from a mentality that would support their developing a hatred so powerful, that it demands martyrdom..
It might turn that anger towards those who would doubtless do their best to sabotage such an effort..
It's one thing to look at an occupying army as only a destructive force, and another to see that army working to rebuild. It would also help in underlining the intent of those terrorist groups who would maintain their efforts to disrupt a return to normalcy..
It is the impression of the man on the street that must be changed, if we are to stay there with any chance of success.
Whether we have already gone too far, is moot..

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