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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Just a brief mention of the next hurricane lurking off the West Coast of Mexico.. It seems these storms are comming faster, and with more fury than they have in the past, and Hurricane Lane has many cutting short their idyllic vacations, and taking the first planes out...
One wonders what this pattern will develop into over the next decade or so..
But, the Pope is still at the top of the list..
There is talk there will be no visit to Turkey, which is predominately Muslim..

And there is more disturbingly, talk from usually pacifistic Mullahs, that there needs to be a personal apology from the Pontiff. And that in itself will certainly not be enough for the Fundamentalists..
Disturbing times, not made any easier by the stream of gaffes, both verbal and active, from Western leaders.
One expects to see this, from a Muslim extremist's view, as definative proof that the gap between Christianity and Islam is just too great to span, and that they, in their violence, are justified..

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