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Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Centre-Right victory in Sweden announced today.. this after decades of Social Democrat rule..
and with Germany's Angela Merkle already under the cosh, trailing in polls..
The NDP has been compared by some politicians, as a short step away from Nazism, yet The NPD's support is partly explained by its hard anti-immigrant stance in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which has soaring unemployment.
Angela, who became the country's first woman chancellor less than a year ago, would have wanted to do well in the state, which includes her home constituency.
The state is currently governed by a so-called "red-red" coalition of Social Democrats and the Left Party.
Manufacturing has collapsed across the former East German state following reunification in 1990, forcing many of its residents to go west in search of work.

It is a solid indication of the crumbling foundation of an idealistic movement, which would have an 'Unified Europe'. With the core nations verging on the brink of bankruptcy, how can any new member state do anything, but increase a workforce, increasing production, of material that no-one will be able to afford..
It's going to be a very strong issue with those on this island in the near future, for if we change Prime Ministers, and it's not to a Conservative Government, we will find ourselves innundated with the debt, and employment problems of economies which have not even begun to contribute to the whole.
The burden on 'modernising' Europe, will fall on those who're trailing the least debt, and at this point, that would be, us.

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