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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Now, there was this 13 year old lad who attended a Church of England comprehensive school, who has been riding the school bus the 6 miles from home to class these past two years for free, because of his disability. He's an acute asthmatic.
He was turfed off the bus yesterday, because his mother, a lapsed Baptist, had never had the boy Christened.. so the free ride now costs £270 per annum..
This is interesting, simply because it's beginning to show a position from a Christian Church, which would demand all those associated them will either have to pay, or conform to the rules of the Church itself.
It is as though it must be demonstrated by those who attend, that they are committed to their faith..
Much the same, in a lesser sense, than those called upon to put the semtex vest on.
Although the school has issued this particular student with a free pass, good until Christmas, they are standing by their demand, that all students attending after their 4th year of Senior School, must be Baptised.
Herein begins the segregation.. the line between faith and faith.
And in our own backyard, it becomes not a fight between one Christian faith battling another. That has been common for years, with the Catholics and the Protestants going at each other for centuries.
It becomes a fight of Christians, against pagan, in the true sense of the word.
A demand for commitment.

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