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Sunday, September 03, 2006

For those who might have wondered who they were reading these past few years, a photo of this author has been added. This is not meant, in any way, to aid any Legal Institutions to put a face to the words, but merely follows requests from some of the faithful who stop by..
Tony's in what has been called 'an unique' situation by some of his political confreres. He has to date refused to give a date for his departure, and with Labour's Party Conference coming up this month, there is enormous pressure upon him to do so.
He has been warned not to take the path Margaret Thatcher chose, and stay on just that little bit too long.. he's been told his Party will need time before the new General Election to allow the new Leader to set out policy, and his popularity is at 31% at the moment, the lowest he's had since coming to power 10 years ago..
Gordon Brown seems to think he'll take the reins, and this might quite posibly be so, but it may well be that he'll be Leader of the Opposition, with so many wondering if Gordon's really the man to take us into the upcoming political vacuum that will follow George's departure.
This is the end of an era, and it's better than good odds that David Cameron and his Conservatives, will be given a chance to show us what he and his Party are made of. Certainly David has a far better public image and Gordon, and one doubts the ability of Labour to form the necissary alliances, determine the proper foreign policies, that will need to be forged, post-Tony.
On the National Front, it would appear that we have developed a 'Homland Security Agency' of our own, without being informed of it. The news that over a thousand Britons are being watched, as possible terrorists, is a disturbing thing. There have been several raids, arrests, and seizures over this weekend, perhaps the most disturbing being the search of an Islamic School in East Sussex, and 17 residential properties across London.
Now this Islamic School is not really a school at all. It's not registered with OFSTED, the government's school watchdog, and has, one might say, been operating outside the ageas of any government inspector. This school is associated with the Jameah Islameah group, those who allegedly plotted and carried out the Bali bombings a couple of years ago..
But that aside, it is starting to appear that this is becoming a split culture, with Islamics, whomever they may be, suspect, if not by the Authorities, but by their neighbours.
Once again, the terrorists are winning this battle, by turning one section of our society directly against a particular other.
To the man on the street, this is not what one would call a 'tense' situation yet, but should this segregation of one reasonably large part of our population continue, it will become an issue..
More on this as developments arise..

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