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Thursday, September 28, 2006

There is one more point which should be touched upon before we put the puzzle away for the night..
Congress has passed legislation that now allows those being held as suspected terrorists, to be tried before a Military Tribunal.
This accomplishes two things, on the whole.
One: it identifies those who are thought to be linked to terrorism as 'soldiers', not civilians, and therefore they're not entitled to the rights of normal citizens, for they are
Two: indeed participating of their own free will in a declared 'war'. This allows them none of the privileges of normal Jurisprudence, and justifies confining such as deemed 'suspect' in places such as Gitmo, or at any one of the many CIA 'compounds' throughout the US.
It also eases the conscience of the American, and perhaps to some extent, the British man on the street, for if they are indeed 'soldiers', they must adhere to a 'military code'. If they breach those Rules of Conduct, as we see them to be, they abrogate their rights of 'citizens', and are indeed beyond the Law as we, the proletariat, understands it.
It's an important step, and once again only underlines the depth of concern the West has for those we call 'fanatics, fundamentalists, outright loonies' who do not share our ethos.
However, it does leave the door open for an outright witch-hunt, the likes of McCartheyism..
Just one of the freedoms which can, and will be taken away from those with dubious connections or backgrounds.
There's Democracy in action for you.
The Government's watching your back.. and more.

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