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Saturday, September 09, 2006

One rarely finds onself in a position to merely rant about the general degredation of this ethernet we all share.. To make an unqualified comment on that which is happening to this medium we are all afforded these days.
but, it would seem, certainly to those in days not that long ago, that such a medium woud be used for the exchange of important local events.. that it would be used for the discussion of ideologies and thoughts which might, to some be entirely foreign, and perhaps incomprehensible..
Instead, one has found the main body to be of personal advancement, of the proliferation of ideologies which, when perhaps taken as archetypes, might be founnd interesting, if not practicable.
One has to be disappointed in the general use of this medium.. for while computers and access to the net increase exponentially on a daily basis, little of real substance is passed along. This is perhaps one of the true shames of our era, the misuse of the internet.
We advertise.. we occasionally engage in some quasi-meaningful debate in one of the many chatrooms available..
But we miss the point of this opportunity entirely.
This series of comments provided here, try to explain what is the issue of the day in this particular region, and how it affects other parts of the world.
But the chatrooms, wherein forums could be use for mutual elucidation, are for the most part a series of greetings, or salutations, to those who frequent those particular arenas.
There was a time when Philosophy was discussed in the Philosophy chatrooms, where religious dabate or political exchanges could be made in those rooms dedicated to that purpose.
But we have lost out way here.
It would appear that any serious conversation is discouraged, being that those who frequent the rooms available have all grown to know each other. There would appear to be no new fresh input, no resonance to that which is happening around us at any given time of our day.
And, in fact, that input is practically discouraged, as disturbing the status quo.
We are missing an opportunity that has been granted no other civilisation in this history of this world.. we are ignoring an venue for public debate which has never before been available to us on a massive scale..
And this is a great pity, for we seem to be trivialising that which could be our greatest asset.. the free exchange of popular or individual opinion..
Perhaps one day this medium will achieve it's potential, and become an open forum wherein differeces of faith, politial affiliation, or whatever, without being drowned out by those who regularly attend the available outlets, and who might think 'it's all been said before'..
Never, will it all have been said.
Never will all opinions be voiced coherently.
Never will this medium lose it's freshness, unless we allow it to.
That, without really needing to be said, would be a travesty.

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